When You Require Penetration Testing

  • Frequently scheduled analysis and assessments required by regulatory mandates
  • Addition of new network infrastructure or applications
  • Significant modifications or upgrades to applications or infrastructure
  • Shifting of new office to a different locations
  • Modification in End-user policies
  • Changed in corporate IT infrastructure

Penetration Testing Service

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Engaged in external and internal penetration testing

Web Application

Web Application Penetration Testing

OWASP compliant Web Penetration Testing Services

Cloud Penetration

Cloud Penetration Testing

Get advantages from our Cloud Penetration Testing expertise

Application Penetration

Application Penetration Testing

Conduct manual penetration testing on application to achieve compliance

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Provide distinctive OSINT and Phishing Exposure Assessment


Internet-Facing Infrastructure

Testing infrastructure that hosts public applications

Steps of Penetration Testing

Pre Attack

Pre Attack Phase/Planning

Attack Phase

Attack Phase/Testing

Post Attack

Post Attack Phase/Reporting

Our Key Focus

  • Enterprise-grade Security

    Using industry-leading scanning engine with a view to provide the most comprehensive checks available.

  • Perimeter Specific

    Finding errors that augment your outside attack surface, such as when databases are unprotected to the internet, and get actionable and relevant and guidance to remove risks.

  • Evolving Threat Scans

    Keeping constant eye on your systems security through proper scanning and enabling to take effective decisions.


Complete Penetration Testing Services

CRS offers a complete Penetration Testing Services. With Penetration testing services, organisations can easily mitigate a wide range of threats that your business may come across. Nevertheless, effective security practices should be implemented in order to secure businesses. By taking a risk-based method on cyber security, you can address the prioritized threats and evaluate your business risk exposure continuously.

Penetration Testing Methodologies

Penetration testing can be characterized on the basis of testing methods to be used.

Black Box

Black Box Penetration Testing

In black box pen test method, sophisticated information is made obtainable to the tester. Completely, the tester is ignorant of the system and network. Nevertheless, this method might miss some extents while testing.

Grey Box

Grey Box Penetration Testing

Grey box penetration testing methods formulates only incomplete information obtainable to the tester to attack the system outwardly. Grey Box Testing is a combination of both White Box Testing and Black Box Testing method.

White Box

White Box Penetration Testing

The tester has comprehensive access and thorough knowledge of the system to be tested. White Box Penetration Testing method is very helpful in carrying out all-encompassing penetration testing.

Dynamic Penetration

Dynamic Penetration Testing

Dynamic PT brings together the advantages of Manual PT and Automated Vulnerability scanning. It wipes out the negative facet of both and adds remediation management on the apex to augment its efficiency. This continuous dynamic PT service brings appealing perimeter monitoring through our Incessant Testing Services.

Static Penetration

Static Penetration Testing

Static Penetration testing is used to secure software by examining the source code of the software to identify vulnerabilities sources. In the entire process, the testing is carried out when the system is not running (non-production environment). Ultimately, it focuses on minimizing the downtime applications risk.