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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is becoming merely important to companies due to the rising threat of cyber attacks like PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-731. It’s a comprehensive procedure implemented for identification, evaluation, classification, remediation of security vulnerabilities. When an external threat can gain unauthorized privileged control to an application or server is vulnerability.

Do you know quarterly vulnerability scan and remediation management is accepted as a former practice in several companies? Well...it includes much more than scanning and patching!

We Cyber Radar Systems mainly focuses on 4 stages of management services:


Our professionals identify all the vulnerabilities that exist effectively across any business’s IT ecosystems, and for this, our expertise asks you to define all your IT assets to find the right scanner or measure for each asset. The same technical systems will not assist in finding the vulnerabilities, you need at least 2 different technologies to find the exact point.


After identifying the major as well as minor vulnerabilities, the next procedure followed by Cyber Radar System’s experts is evaluating the risks they posed and finding the best solution of how to manage them. Additionally, there’s a need to understand other real-risk factors, such as:

How conveniently could some other exploit this vulnerability, is there any valid code accessible?

  • Will this threat impact your all data systems?
  • Do we have some other vulnerability protocols to prevent your computer systems?


Addressing the vulnerabilities solutions is the next move by our professionals, our vulnerability management strategical solution will assist you to recommend which remedy solution would be best for your business.

Vulnerability scanning procedure will help to know the right tactic to resolve the problems. We completely prevent your system’s exploitation by patching, correcting, or replacing the code that intakes the vulnerability.

However, there’s a temporary solution with our professionals named ‘mitigation’, which reduces the impact of the vulnerability from an organization until the strong remediate solution is available.


If you’ll ask us, how do we manage or prevent our systems from such causes, then we would suggest you for vulnerability assessment as routine practice will ensure your organization’s safety!

The systems exports the data from stand out vulnerability scanners so that your security protectors easily understand the posture of each asset and could track even a single asset within time to identify trends such as increased detection, or decreased remedy velocity.

How Cyber Radar Systems assist your brand to be stress-free

One thing you should know, the vulnerability management excellence depends upon continuity. The management is quite difficult as it requires to be performed continuously to ensure that all your servers, applications, systems are up-to-date and secure, as well as each new vulnerability can be discovered as earlier as possible.

How we can be every time in the continuation? Well...for this our professionals have engagement key i.e. ‘Automation’. The automating systems works repetitively to carry out the practices and save your business’s valuable resources and assist in avoiding human error.

The objective of our security teams is to fix all the extra and unknown vulnerabilities that are detected in the company’s assets.

How we build an effective threat and Vulnerability Management Program

Keeping your organization safe and stable from cyber attacks is our main goal, with the increasing threat with each passing day, organizations need to ensure that their systems are without vulnerabilities. Therefore, our professionals intake several programs:

Conduct regular penetration testing

Do you want to ensure that your network is secure? Well...you should know that it’s all about testing. If your systems operators are unaware of defenses yet, then that clearly defines that your security effectiveness is still non-commendable. That’s why we’ve brought in penetration testing that assists businesses to find and fix all vulnerabilities that could be exploited by any attackers. This remedy helps your organization in 2 ways:

  • It secures your business network from any external vulnerabilities
  • It provides businesses expert insight into security infrastructure

Consist patching schedule

Are you struggling with your software as it’s not working perfectly? Your systems updates will assist you to secure your network against attackers who could exploit known vulnerabilities. We would like to bring to your notice that updates sometimes caused functionality issues, hence having an expert for your systems is the best practice, as the testing ecosystems will resolve even minute harmful vulnerability.

We have accounted for all IT assets and networks

Do you know the cybercriminals contain all infrastructure data of your company in their hand? Yes...they first analyze what sort of programs did you have or the weak link in your security infrastructure that potential terrorists are just waiting to exploit.

Remember your organization security is as strong as your business contains a number of weak points. Hence, we cyber radar systems professionals create the list of entire assist so that even zero budgetary assets should not be left to invite any cyber attackers.

We learn and explore our knowledge about current vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessments and peneteration testing assist us to sniff out security issues or flaws in your network, thus access to fix them is still upon you. However, new vulnerabilities are discovered so we ensure that no victim could get a chance to exploit your system’s data and vulnerabilities.

Having a bird’s eye to protect your data, application, and the server is our primary function, therefore, while opting for us as your safeguard is best for your brand!

We visualize data and ensure proper tools

Do you know that your employees are the weakest links in your cybersecurity infrastructure? Yes...therefore, we insist that training your IT staff is a good decision but there’s a need to provide a basic understanding of your entire organization’s employees to conduct the best cybersecurity practices.

There are various cybersecurity tools when you work in a continuation ecosystem, thus we ask you to use them. As from identifying, managing, or conducting a preliminary scanning, there are tools for almost everything. Patch vulnerability management and vulnerability scanners are the 2 significant tools that we believe in.

Note* There’s no turnkey solution accessible, if any cybersecurity company is promising you, then they are misguiding you. It’s a fluid, evolving procedure, you yourself have to understand how to protect your data and who’s the best cybersecurity agency that could assists you with everything!