Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)

Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM is the Software that provides entrepreneurs security professionals within their track record ecosystem, it combines the functions of Security Information Management (SIM) that focuses on gathering the log data, events, and flows from security network and Security Event Management (SEM) is all about real-time monitoring and alerts. Cyber Radar System is offering an opportunity for security professionals to create effectiveness and alertness in their security system.

What is SIEM

In today’s digital era, software vendors are introducing advanced machine learning statistical analysis to produce their products. Smart technology is in existence for a longer span of time to provide a better system in digital organizations. The main reason behind adopting Security Incident Event Management software, it offers operation rests for newer capabilities with many products in the market.

SIEM is considered the best threat detecting tool in the innovative market, hence our professionals are bringing in the use of the qualitative tool as these innovations are adding new returns to the organization. This software is commonly used by large organizations to maintain the best practice among all.

Security Incident Event Management

Let’s know the PROCESS of SIEM

Cyber Radar System collects the data from stand outsources around, we try to gather the data from the installed device, additionally, we can connect directly to the devices using an API call or protocols such as SNMP, net flow, or IPFIX.

The 4 stages are so simple and convenient are as follows

  • Collect data from different sources
  • Bring together all combined data
  • Examines the collected data to know the threats
  • Next, identifies security breaches

SIEM procedure is followed successfully when an organization has an active security team that requires the involvement of the entire workforce in an organization.

Security team: The security personnel team should work actively for a brand to circulate all the information and alerts, as this helps an organization to take steps against upcoming as well as existing threats.

Operation team: In today’s world online work is commonly ongoing, where the team members examine the logs and other security incidents. Our professionals provide quick and stable solutions for all problems.

Compliance team: If you have this team, that’s well and good as they will handle all your data, moreover, they’ll compile the rules of government and industry.

The benefits of Security Incident Event Management

Data Aggregation

A side effect of SIEM’s log management capabilities is visibility when there’s a subsequent increase in application, users, device, data, and third-parties built dak spaces in the ecosystem. Eventually, hackers take advantage of such dark places in an environment. Fortunately, Cyber Radar System speaks a lot about your brand and prevent your organization from any kind of threat.

Data Normalization

It’s obvious that data gathered from any IT software may intake any malicious threats, you’re in need to consider how many components together frame a single IT ecosystem where every application, login port, databases, and devices are kept. You’re in need to know that SIEM not only collects the data but also normalizes it effectively for the brand’s sake.


Do you know this is the time of the virtual ecosystem? Yes...every business comprises of some legal regulatory mandates. There are some minute consequences that intake loss of consumer’s consequences, loss of sales, and loss of resolving lawsuits. SIEM solutions provide out-of-the-box templates such as HIPAA, to save team and money from hazardous.

Data Storage

You have collected all your meaningful data, so what’s next? You require an adequate space to store the normalized data, organize it, and easily retrieve it effectively. Security Incident Event Management assists you to configure your data to prevent data breaches and our experienced team track and monitor everything related to attacks, and incidents.

Why Cyber Radar System insists on SIEM

Whether you’re a startup or existing entrepreneur you need to keep your business up-to-date with trended solutions on cyber attack evolutions. The software identifies the data and sort into subcategories such as malware activity, also alerts are generated to prevent any internal or external cyber-attacks. It’s a #1 software that provides a centralized bird’s eye-view into protocols infrastructure.

Let’s understand the importance of Security Incident Event Management

There are several enables of incidents that are needed to be detected otherwise will go unnoticed. SIEM can reconstruct the series of events to know what’s the nature of the attack, is it succeeded! If at some point SIM or SEM cannot directly stop an attack, then it directly communicates with different networks accessible such as firewalls. You should know this software prevents your most sensitive data which permits companies to meet compliance requirements.

It improves efficiency while following:

  • Allows security professionals to identify an attack route
  • Enables rapid identification from all routes
  • Provides automatic mechanisms to stop the attacks

For higher comprehensive security visible you need a SIEM solution that understands your business requirements and holes quickly and offer the best possible safety.

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