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Cyber Security Systems

Cyber Security is one of the most discussed and one of the most concerning topics for companies these days. The world has decided to shift its business online and so did hackers and data breaches. Companies and organizations are trying everything to protect their data by hook or by crook. Data breaching may result in the loss of private data of an organization which may further result in revenue loss and more than that the reputation of the company can be damaged.

To prevent private data and information, companies are looking forward to cybersecurity services and data loss prevention services. Now, what exactly is cybersecurity? Well, it is referred to as the prevention of a system, network, program, or application from a cyber attack. It is important for protecting the system and the data stored in it.

Cybersecurity services are becoming more important for companies due to their reliability in computer systems and the internet. Even wireless networks like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be used to breach the data of a particular system or software. There are multiple types of cyber-attacks that may result in the data losses of a company or an organization. The vulnerabilities and attacks can be backdoor, denial-of-service attack, direct-access attacks, eavesdropping, multi-vector or polymorphic attacks, phishing, privilege escalation, reverse engineering, social engineering, spoofing, tampering, or malware.

There are multiple issues related to cybersecurity that need to be discussed:

  • Who can be affected?
  • What motivates the attacker?
  • Impact of the security breach.
  • Data loss prevention services.
  • Cybersecurity services.
  • Laws to prevent data breaching.

Who can be affected?

There is no hard and fixed rule as to which industry will be affected or would have data breaches but the most affected are IT industries and those which are completely reliable on networks and computer systems. However, the industries affected more than others are the financial industry, utilities, and industrial equipment, aviation industry, consumer devices, large corporations, automobiles industry, government, and energy sector industries. These are the industries with complete or maximum computer reliability. Hence, most affected by data breaching or hacking and at the highest risk.

What motivates the attacker for security breaching?

There may or may not be a selfish motive within the attacker or hacker which leads him to attack and breach a system or software. As the market has shifted to computer systems and networks, companies find it easy now to get information about their competitor/s. Hackers or attackers are highly paid to breach in the data of other companies or organizations to defame them or to know the internal information which gives them a lead in the competition. Even national security experts hire hackers to know the information about other countries and decode any planning or plotting going against them.

What could be the impact of security breaches?

Data breaches can cause serious damages to an organization. The biggest loss could be the loss of name, fame, image, and identity which further can reduce sales resulting in revenue losses. In the year 2003, the total revenue loss due to cyberattacks was $ 226 billion. This increased the hunt for data loss prevention services and cybersecurity services

Data Loss Prevention Services

Data Loss Prevention services are designed to protect a system or software from data loss and keeping sensitive data safe and sound. Companies invest a huge amount of money and manpower to protect their data from falling into the hands of their competitors.

Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity services are for protection against cyber attacks or hacking which may lead to data leaking or breaching.

Is there any law to prevent data breaching?

The legal issues of cyber attacks are quite complicated. There is no rule to judge, define, or punish for cybercrimes or data leaking. Even if the cybersecurity firms identify the hacker, he cannot be punished due to a lack of law and regulations against cybercrimes.

To stop all this chaos, Novoshield DLP is helping you to keep your data safe and secure. Furthermore, it prevents your data loss and enhances your cybersecurity.

Novoshield DLP

Before discussing how Novoshield DLP can be a boon to your business, let us first know what DLP stands for and what it means. DLP stands for Data Loss Prevention. To prevent data losses, companies install a software popularly known ad data loss prevention software. Most of you have heard about anti-virus software. Well, you can always understand the working of DLP software by understanding anti-virus software. Just like the anti-virus protects the system from viruses, data loss prevention software keeps the system protected from data losses. The software detects data breaches or losses and prevents them by monitoring and blocking sensitive data.

Now the question arises, which DLP software to use to prevent your systems from data breaching and data losses. Well, Novoshield DLP is among the best Data Loss Prevention software packages globally. This software is efficient enough for you to rely on to protect your sensitive as well as non-sensitive information. We here are the leading providers of Novoshield Data Loss Prevention Services along with Cybersecurity Services. We encourage you to come hand in hand with us and get the best Data Loss Prevention Services with Novoshield DLP. Also, we would like you to be notified that we along with Novoshield DLP, provide other benefits like free consultancy and undoubtedly great support.

The software monitors your data quite easily and helps in providing logging and report. This helps with incident response and auditing. If there are any vulnerabilities or suspicious activities and behaviour, it detects and identifies such happenings. After proper filtration in data streams, it restricts suspicious or unidentified activity. You can choose between Network DLP, EndPoint DLP or Storage DLP according to your requirements. Network DLP protects an organization's web apps, e-mails and other network processes. EndPoint DLP protects the stored data which is physically located inside or outside the organization through clouds. Storage DLP is used to protect the data stored or shared by an organization’s network.


Data Loss Prevention Services and Cybersecurity Services, both are the need of the hour. To prevent the data and secure the systems, networks, software and applications, every organization needs to strengthen its cybersecurity. All this could easily be done by Novoshield DLP.