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HIPAA Compliance Services

Cyber Radar Systems cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance services assist an organization with all the HIPAA regulatory standards and help in becoming certified with HITRUST. Both HIPAA and HITRUST require the patient’s data to be stored securely, access to the data be controlled and highly monitored. This compliance is mainly used by healthcare organizations and we help them in making the process more secure.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the norm for sensitive patient information security and data protection. Organizations that manage secured protected health information (PHI) must have a physical, organization, and cycle safety efforts set up and follow them to guarantee HIPAA Compliance. Secured substances (anybody giving treatment, installment, and tasks in medical services) and business partners (any individual who approaches persistent data and offers help in therapy, installment, or operations) must meet HIPAA Compliance. Different substances, for example, subcontractors and some other related business partners should likewise be in compliance.

Pillars of HIPAA Compliance Services

Intensive Risk Assessment

  • Performed yearly with your staff.s help total a danger appraisal and remediation plan.
  • Includes threat examination and risk assurance
  • Satisfies a center necessity for significant use
  • HIPAA Compliance Training

  • Training for workers careful online recordings and sessions
  • Online compliance testing
  • Retrain on a yearly premise
  • Built-in compliance reports
  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures

  • Employee admittance to approaches and techniques
  • Videos clarifying approaches
  • Prewritten strategy layouts
  • HIPAA Compliance Portal

  • Policies and techniques
  • Incident reaction
  • Business Associates
  • Disaster plans
  • Cyber Radar Systems compliance security services

    Our HIPAA advisors will deal with the entirety of the convoluted, expensive and tedious specialized work of encrypting your data, including worker security, support, and setup.

    In addition to the fact that this keeps your information HIPAA-compliant, however our administrations guarantee that your information access is solid and safe. There's no should be

    How we center around your data

    Are you still worried about your data?

    No worries ,Just simply center around your patients !

    Readiness audit. Decides how intently your association follows the existing guidelines. This incorporates evaluating documentation, meeting chosen administrators, and creating general perceptions.

    Compliance assessment. Assesses and dissects arrangements, systems, and documentation. This incorporates talking with staff and testing existing cycles and controls.

    Risk assessment. Distinguishes threats to the confidentiality, honesty, and accessibility of secured wellbeing information. It additionally archives controls to moderate recognized threats.

    Policies. Educates the association on the most proficient method to build up explicit association necessities to meet HIPAA commands.

    Procedures. Aides the association with errands to achieve strategy prerequisites.

    Training. Shows representatives on how to execute the strategies, methods, and industry best practices to meet HIPAA prerequisites. Preparing is tweaked to the experience levels of participants.