Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through our Frequently Asked Questions to clear your what is this, how to do, what to do moments.

  • What is Cyber Security?

    In a nutshell, it’s protecting your company against those that would really like to access, steal or lock you out of your data.

  • There are many different Cyber Security products, what do all of them do?

    Network Security protects network traffic by controlling incoming and outgoing connections to stop threats from entering or spreading on the network.

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects data by specializing in the situation, classification and monitoring of data at rest, in use and in motion.

    Cloud Security provides protection for data utilized in cloud-based services and applications.

    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) work to spot potentially hostile cyber activity.

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) employee access to guard internal systems from malicious entities.

    Encryption is the process of encoding data to render it unintelligible, and is usually used during data transfer to stop theft in transit.

    Antivirus/anti-malware solutions scan computer systems for known threats. Modern solutions are even ready to detect previously unknown threats supporting their behavior.

  • What is Hacking?

    Hacking is distinguishing shortcoming in PC frameworks or organizations to exploit its weaknesses to acknowledge access. Case of Hacking: Using password splitting algorithm to acknowledge admittance to a framework.

  • What are Cyber Threats?

    Cyber threats, or just threats, ask cyber security occurrences or events that potentially cause harm by way of their outcome. Threats can become more dangerous due to vulnerability during a system.

  • Who are Threat Actors?

    Cyber security threats are accomplished by threat actors. They’re simply the entity, person, actor, or organization who initiates a threat. Samples of common threat actors include cybercriminals, politically motivated activists), competitors, disgruntled insiders, careless employees, et al.

    Cyber threats are more dangerous when threat actors leverage several vulnerabilities to realize full access to a system, often including the OS.

    Unfortunately, highly likely. It’s the fastest-growing crime segment and no-one is resistant to its threats.

  • We need assistance with our data compliance requirements. Are you able to help?

    Yes. Compliance may be a growing need for several of our clients. We will help with a variety of services which show you’ve taken a requirement of care across several compliance areas, including GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, NDB et al.

  • Our current Information Technology provider says they are doing Cyber Security. Isn’t this good enough?

    Probably, not. As cyber threats have morphed and grown, Cyber Security has become a highly-specialized field, requiring dedicated and experienced resources to guard against evolving threats. Put bluntly, it’s not almost running some clever software; it also requires skilled and adaptive human intelligence. It’s unlikely that the corporation that installed your network, or implemented your ERP system, is suitably equipped to affect the cyber threats of today and tomorrow. We only do Cyber Security. All day. Every day. everywhere the planet.

  • We already run some internal scans, which occasionally flag vulnerabilities and that we fix them. Isn’t this enough?

    Probably not. Most tools don’t do the work tolerably without skilled human oversight.

  • Can’t you only tell me the tools that you simply use and I’ll get my internal team to run the acceptable tests?

    Effective Cyber Security isn’t almost the tools, and a few software tools tend to spot many ‘false positives’ that your internal team would spend fruitless hours, days and weeks trying to find. We’ve the expertise to strip out such false positives and quickly identify your real threats.

  • Are there differing types of Penetration Tests?

    Yes, it depends upon your specific needs, which we clarify within the scoping stage. See our Penetration Test service.

  • What is Vulnerability Assessment?

    A broad snapshot-in-time scan of your information systems to spot vulnerabilities and its Objective is to get and prioritize vulnerabilities across your network which is performed by automated tools with skilled human oversight.

  • What is Penetration Testing?

    A deep snapshot-in-time interrogation of specific elements of your information systems to spot vulnerabilities and proposals and its Objective is to get , priorities, exploit and supply recommendations for specific network vulnerabilities.

  • Are your results confidential with us?

    Always. All test results are delivered to you securely. And that we NEVER publicize who our clients are.

  • If you discover any security issues with my company, does one fix the problems?

    Usually yes. However, it depends on the matter. We will work together with your internal team or your preferred service provider to urge it fixed fast.

  • Why do I want Cyber Radar Systems cyber security services if I have already got a firewall?

    Security is about having multiple-layers and a firewall provides a critical layer, but it's just one of the many areas that you simply got to consider.

    Cyber Radar Systems can show you the gaps you'll have in your security, where your security baseline is today and make a comprehensive security program to urge your business at the optimal level of security and price. A firewall may be a great start; now let’s take security further to enable your business.

  • Do you have security assessments to seek out where we are today?

    Yes. Cyber Radar Systems features an alright defined methodology that covers all areas of cyber security for little and medium businesses. These areas are supported industry standards and governance requirements that are applicable to your market. We use a mixture of scanning tools, workshops, and our own modeling to seek out and address gaps which will enable your business to deal with risks.

  • We just had an audit, so do we need Cyber Radar Systems?

    Yes, even more so now that you simply know what the audit findings are that you got to address. Audits are an honest idea, both internal and external, when it involves cyber security. However, they're just informational and you want to take action on the findings. This is often where Cyber Radar Systems can help. We will address risks identified within the audit, assist you plan for future requirements, improve your governance and compliance response, and make an ongoing cyber security program to proactively address future audits.

  • How much do Cyber Radar Systems services cost?

    Less than you think that, and fewer than doing security yourself. Cyber Radar Systems has created how to deliver enterprise-class cyber security for a little business price. We will create a monthly program that brings a whole team at your disposal for much but it might cost to rent even one new security expert full time, saving you time and money.

  • We don’t have any critical data, so if we get hacked it's no big deal. Why use you?

    Protecting data is merely one part of an overall security program. You’ll produce other risks or liabilities including preventing mistakes, misuse by insider threats, malicious attacks which will compromise your systems, partners, customers, or maybe employees. Your liability goes far beyond just the info. Each consideration is a component of the business enablement methodology provided by Cyber Radar Systems.

  • We are too small to possess any security problems, right?

    Likely not true. Cyber Crime is increasing daily and no business is immune, regardless of size. Tricks and tools became very easy to use to hack into a corporation that each one businesses are targets. So far, enterprise grade security was just for those that could afford it. This is often why Cyber Radar Systems was founded, to supply a top quality , world-class security solution to small, medium, mid-market, and emerging enterprises at a way lower cost point.

  • How does one assist with compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, SOC-2 and others?

    Cyber Radar Systems subscribes to the assumption “Compliance isn't security”; however, Cyber Radar Systems also understands compliance may be a business requirement that can't be ignored. Cyber Radar Systems assists clients with security best practices, which successively ensures compliance requirements are addressed and documented. We call this “Compliance Readiness”.

  • How does Cyber Radar Systems help me make money with cyber security?

    Information security can help enable your customers and employees to be more efficient, and increase trust to try to do business together with your company. There are ways Cyber Radar Systems can help your customers get access to information quicker, more securely and have a far better experience which will increase repeat business. It’s been shown that customers pick providers that they trust. By using security as a marketing tool you'll increase the likelihood of consumers doing business with you.

  • I have other questions. Are you able to help?

    Of course. Please get in-tuned. Things will go faster for you if you'll provide a brief description of your current situation / problem.

    For additional information, click here, or Reach bent us by email, web-form, or phone to debate your current state of readiness, and where you'd ultimately wish to be.