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Cyber Radar Systems (CRS) offers comprehensive Penetration Testing services which are designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate remaining security measures and provide an exhaustive remediation roadmap. Our core principle is to find and fix the vulnerabilities in your application security using various scanning tools and technologies.

We have a wide range of rich industry experience in the domain of Penetration Testing.We have conducted 500 Pen Tests across 20 different business segments.

Cyber Radar Systems

When You Need Penetration Testing Services?

Cyber Radar Systems recommends penetration testing in case of:

  • Continuous scheduled analysis and assessments are required by regulatory mandates
  • Setting up the new network infrastructure
  • Implementation of new application
  • Important upgrades and alterations to applications
  • New office locations
  • Modification in end-user policies
  • Change in corporate IT infrastructure

Phases of Penetration Testing

Phases of Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services

Network Services Test

Network Services Test

Web Application Security Test

Web Application Security Test

Remote Access Security Tes

Remote Access Security Test

Social Engineering Test

Social Engineering Test

Physical Security Test

Physical Security Test

Penetration Testing Methods

Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing

Apply software testing methods to test functionalities of software applications without having knowledge of internal code structure, implementation details and internal paths.

  • Equivalence Class Testing
  • Boundary Value Testing
  • Decision Table Testing
Gray Box Testing

Gray Box Testing

Scrutinize your system having certain information on your networks, such as:

  • User login details
  • Architecture diagrams
  • Network overview
White Box Testing

White Box Testing

Identify potential points of vulnerabilities by using:

  • Admin rights and access to server configuration files
  • Database encryption principles
  • Source code or architecture documentation
Dynamic Penetration Testing

Dynamic Penetration Testing

Efficient testing is performed when system is running in a production ready environment.

  • Detect the security flaws in the organization's Network
  • Demonstrate the vulnerable system or data
  • Ensure organization’s networks are indeed secure
Static Penetration Testing

Static Penetration Testing

Effective testing is performed when system is not running (non-production environment).

  • Secure software by analyzing the software source code
  • Identify sources of vulnerabilities and Weaknesses
  • Focus on reducing the downtime applications risk

Steps of Penetration Testing

Pre Attack Phase/Planning

  • Describe the intruder model – internal, external, allowed rights and privileges
  • Define goals, source data, work scope, and Testing targets
  • Determine the target environment scope
  • Important upgrades and alterations to applications
  • Develop a methodology for testing
  • Define procedures for interaction and communication

Attack Phase/Testing

  • Service identification and Fieldwork
  • Custom scanning and intrusion tools are developed if required
  • Vulnerabilities detection and scanning, false positives elimination
  • Vulnerabilities exploit and gaining an unlawful access
  • Compromised systems Utilization as a foundation for additional intrusion

Post Attack Phase/Reporting

  • Analysis of result and reporting
  • Recommendations for reducing risks
  • Visual damage demonstration that can be wreaked to the system by an intruder
  • Accurate and Contextualized Report Formation
  • Furthermore, we can also eliminate the detected vulnerabilities


  • A detailed description of results and findings
  • List of detected system vulnerabilities and their classification
  • List of changes in the system that were executed during testing
  • Test protocols including instruments, tools used, and parts
  • Actionable recommendations to eliminate the revealed security issues
  • Free Testing Reports (one time)

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Phases of Penetration Testing

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