SIEM – Security Information and Event Management ( Novo Watch)


The underlying principle of Novo Watch-SIEM is to use logs for observance, security, and troubleshooting. Using the system, the data of an enterprise is maintained in multiple locations, but the patterns and trends are recognized with a single viewpoint. Altogether, NovoWatch-SIEM (Security information and event management) is a holistic approach to security management that combines SEM (security event management) and SIM (security information management).

Security event management deals with the storage and interpretation of security logs, allowing real-time analysis of the entire log information. On the other hand, Security information management will gather the data and store it in the central repository for trend analysis and one point reporting. Combining these two systems together, SIEM offers analysis, quicker identification, and recovery of the security events.

Security information and event management system work by bringing in use multiple collection agents so as to gather security related logs from servers, end-user devices, and network equipment. NovoWatch-SIEM can also be used to gather events from all system components ( systems, applications, databases and security devices like  firewalls, intrusions prevention system, and antivirus. Once the entire data is collected, the events are transferred into a centralized management console, where all the other inspections are performed.

Key Features:

  1. Data Collection
  2. User access monitoring
  3. Real-time threat analysis
  4. Event correlation based on priorities
  5. Incident remediation workflow
  6. Cloud based solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)
  • Optimize existing security investments and reduce risk
  • Reduce IT security operational costs
  • Improve response time
  • Monitor failed login attempts and sensitive data exposures
  • Novo Watch-SIEM provides an early warning system that identifies severity of threats

Exclusive features that comes with Security information and event management:

1. Data Collection

The first step towards a secure application is enabling a centralized system where data from the multiple devices can be stored, tracked, and analyzed. SIEM uses multiple predefined collectors and flexible options for marinating the events and logs of multiple devices. The event processing feature of the SEIM delivers centralized storage of a large amount of data.

2. User access monitoring

Thousands of users visit a website every day, causing a threat to the security. Due to this scenario, data managers are finding it difficult to monitor the data activities. Keeping a track on user’s behavior is critical in order to ensure that data is not compromised from the user’s end.

  • Security information and event management are meant to track user behavior from all aspects.
  • Failed login attempts, sensitive data exposures, and modification in access grants can be tracked, indicating disruptive incidents.
  • Create a watch list prioritizing, an incident identification which will generate a real-time alert to start the quick assessment.

3. Regulating future probabilities

An early warning system is more reliable than a system that reacts only after the incident occurs. In most of the cases, it becomes easier to maintain the security if you are warned about the possible loopholes in advance.

  • Security information and event management keep continuous track on the security logs, so as to detect all sorts of threats that might generate in the near future.
  • Using the NovoWatch-SIEM, customers can create an early warning system that identifies threats depending on global perspective.

4. Real-time threat analysis

NovoWatch-SIEM combines the external global intelligence with internal incident data so that the administrators can reach the right conclusion. The automated system is made to respond to all sorts of security breach effectively and efficiently. The credit to the efficiency and quick response to the data can be given to the fast access to all the log information.