security As enterprises grow, so does the indispensible use of Information technology and systems. There is no denying the fact that with increase in usage and dependence on Information Technology increases the need of putting critical controls for Security in place. The presence, effectiveness and reliance of such security controls are crucially important. Cyber threats, Malware infections, cracking, piggybacking, Phishing attacks, web Application Attacks etc. are the order of the day. A significant amount of modern security breaches also involve internal employees having unauthorized access to information, disgruntled or retrenched employees, privilege mismanagement, password mismanagement and the likes of it. The ever increasing security breaches may result in drastic financial losses, legal repercussions, diminished image and brand erosion. Business has jeopardized many a times by the breach of Information security. This is why there is a pro-active demand of our services. CYBER RADAR SYSTEMS offers a wide range of services, designed to take the customer’s enterprise to the appropriate level of the Information Security robustness. Right from inception stage to implementation stage –we are assisting our clients in identifying and fine tuning security arrangements, solution set identification and assessments, development of corrective action, testing, acquisition and integration. We at CYBER RADAR SYSTEMS understand the needs of Information security not only from management’s and business perspective but also from regulatory perspective.