Security Metrics

It is very difficult to measure the level of security required and level of security applied. However one cannot deny the fact that what cannot be measured cannot be effectively managed too.

Security Metrics means the measure which helps define the word “Secure”. It can be a standard or an instrument to measure the security posture. It deals with the security benchmarks set by other organisations, best practices or the regulatory framework. Security Metrics can be defined as tools to aid decision-making and enhance functioning and answerability through gathering, assessment and reporting of vital data related to system security’s operations.

Security Metrics have different categories as per the platform, network, incident, vendor, people, industry and regulations. Also it is of various types such as real time, polled or incident based. A decent security metrics must cover aspects like application security, configuration change management, financial information/ IT Budgets, incident management, patch management and vulnerability management.

In the lack of a widely accepted Security Metrics that is clear and unambiguous and suits all organizations, we at Cyber Radar Systems offer services of designing Security Metrics that is tailor made to suit your organization at a very affordable charges.