Security Configuration Standards


Considering the diversity and complexities of the IT threats it is important for the organisations to add and fine tune a multiple point based technologies and configurations to leverage the security arrangements. Proactive management of system configurations can be crucial to achieve security objectives and meet regulatory compliances in a cost effective manner.

Without a proper and holistic standardization of system configurations it is almost impossible to manage all the configurations. There is always a need of a Configuration policy based on specific standards, best practices and checklists to ensure that consistent configurations are in place and continuously monitored. It provides a continuous monitoring and reporting of non compliances to security policies and requirements. NIST and CIS are among the several configuration best practices that validate security configurations.

We at Cyber Radar Systems are a team of professionals that excel in laying down the Security Configuration policies and implementing the Security Configuration standards suitable to your organisations’ IT environment. We not only analyze your existing configuration settings and detect the required additional configurations but also bring in our experience to align the security configurations to the standards and achieve compliances easily and effectively without much use of resources, time and efforts.