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Security Architecture is the design blueprint that best describes how the security countermeasures are positioned in the overall systems architecture. These are controls that keep the system’s security attributes such as confidentiality, integrity and availability intact.

The Security Architecture is a key factor to successful designing and implementation of a System Security. Robust security architecture can protect your systems from even advanced threats and complex vulnerabilities.

We conduct Assessment of predesigned Security Architecture that is currently in use. This is basically is a review of your security design to ensure whether key controls are in appropriate places to protect data and to address potential information security risks along with necessary requirements to meet regulatory compliance.

How can we help with this?

  • Design/Review your security architecture to understand and identify the risks and compliance requirements as well as the required controls. This forms the basis of chalking out a Risk Matrix.
  • Our Consultants bring their functional knowledge regarding what has worked and what has not. With their experience, they help you avoid common blunders enterprises have made in designing a robust Security Architecture.
  • Classify and prioritize which infrastructure items need attention immediately and rank how to address additional areas of concern.
  • Help coordinate efforts across your enterprise leading to proactive involvement to secure your intellectual property by aligning everyone in your enterprise in same direction regarding this.