We do not limit ourselves to merely reporting vulnerabilities and we do provide the practical solutions and prioritize risks to mitigate the issues.

Our Remediation regimes comprises of two major types of phases: The Planning Phase and The Execution Phase. Planning phase outlines a structured approach and agreed-upon expectations for one or more Execution phases whereas the Execution phase provides directions or solutions to remediate the issues.

The planning phase is made up of three required steps:

  1. Calculating the Risk
  2. Determining the Level of Effort
  3. Establishing Standards

Execution phases comprises of three required steps:

  1. Fixing Vulnerabilities
  2. Confirming Fixes
  3. Deploying

Even post remediation if your system lacks the time or resources, our members can assist with remediation in various ways. Our team handles the entire remediation process from inception to end. Members from our Security Team can also augment your development staff through our Mentor Program to secure controls at the very development stage.