Projects Executed

Over Their Careers, Our Core Team Has Proven Successes Serving Top U.S. and Global Companies 


Banking Sector : Global financier for public projects spanning 150+ nations ( PeopleSoft Security and HIPAA Security)


Banking Sector : Global banking services with 250,000+ employees (PCI DSS, Enterprise Security and Web Application Security)



 Finance / Credit : Global credit reporting service with 4,000+ employees( PCI DSS Security and Compliance )


familiar-insurance-symbolFinance / Insurance : Global mutual insurer with 10+ million customers (GRC ( Governance ,Risk Management and Compliance, Enterprise Security, Risk and Compliance)


mortgageFinance / Mortgages : Nationwide mortgage servicer with 7,000+ employees ( Risk Management & Enterprise Security Solutions)


stethoscopeHealthcare System : Global healthcare system provider with 45,000 employees(PCI DSS Security, SAP System Security & Tokenization)


health-careHealthcare and Finance : Nationwide health insurer with entire company network serving 100+ million customers( Web Application, PCI DSS Security & HIPAA Security )


Healthcare and Finance : Global investment and healthcare management firm with 10,000+ employees(PCI DSS,HIPAA, IBM Z O/S Security and Enterprise Risk Management)


briefcase-and-documentLegal and Storage Service : Global information management firm with 150,000+ business clients ( SAS/70 and ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Security )


iconManufacturing : Global auto manufacturer with 300,000+ employees  ( Enterprise IT  Security and Compliance)


shop-store-frontal-buildingRetail Sector :   International apparel & home fashions retailer with 200,000+ employees  (Security Breach and Remediation & PCI DSS Security)


settings-cogTechnology : Global network systems provider with 50,000+ employees(ISO 27001 Security, Cloud Security, SaaS Security)


settingsTechnology / IT Security : Global cyber security firm with $2+ billion annual revenue(Security Breach and Remediation & Enterprise Security Risk)


Travel : Global travel service firm with 20,000+ employees(Enterprise Security and PCI DSS Security and Compliance )