Practical Training Course to Become an IT Security Auditor or PCI DSS Security Auditor

IT Security AuditorAbout the Course
This training course is designed to offer students the depth of security and compliance knowledge that are necessary to provide practical security advice and solutions to comply with PCI DSS Security requirements. .

PCI DSS Security

PCI DSS Security Auditor or High level Security Consultant

  1. Introduction To Information Security
  2. Security Management Controls
  3. Identity and Access Management
  4. Network Segmentation/Security
  5. Vulnerability Management
  6. Security Patch Management
  7. Penetration Testing
  8. Threat/Risk Management
  9. Secure SDLC Process
  10. Third party vendor management
  11. Web Application Security
  12. Logging and Monitoring
  13. Incidence Response Plan
  14. Encryption Key Standard & Key Management
  15. Transmission Security
  16. Tokenization
  17. Data Loss Prevention ( Novo Shield) 
  18. File Integrity Monitoring
  19. Anti-Virus (Malicious Software)
  20. Due Diligence (Merger and Acquisitions)
  21. Third Party Vendor Management
  22. Security Awareness Program
  23. HR Policies Background Check
  24. Physical Security
  25. Security Architecture, Design and Security Solutions (Overview)
  26. Overview of Security Committees
  27. Process of Auditing Information Systems

Who Can Attend the Course?

  • - Network and Security professionals
  • - IT System Professional
  • - Programmers
  • - IT Managers
  • - Directors
  • - VPs

Course Duration

  • - 40-50 hours

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