Practical Training Course On Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability ManagementAbout the Course
In this training course, candidates will learn about the entire vulnerability management process including the understanding of vulnerabilities, identifying and ranking the security issues and recommend solutions to remediate the security issues. This process would also help to prevent security breaches.

Vulnerability Management

Course Topics

  1. Concept of Information Security
  2. Idea & Importance of Vulnerability Management (VM)
  3. Threat Points
  4. Preparing Approach for VM
  5. Vulnerability Assessment
  6. Vulnerability Scanning Tools
  7. Practical Approach to VM
  8. Industry Standards & Security Frameworks
  9. Core Impact / Metasploit

Who Can Attend the Course?

  • - Network and Security professionals
  • - IT System Professional
  • - Programmers
  • - IT Managers

Course Duration

  • - 40 Hours

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