Penetration Testing

Security Testing is an important process to identify the accuracy, completeness and efficiency of the IS Security arrangements. It systematically detects the different errors and shortcomings in the IS Security arrangements with least efforts and time and provides a reliability.

One of the extensively used IS Security Testing method is the Penetration Testing. Penetration Testing is a dynamic testing and analysis of potential weaknesses. It helps to determine whether an It sets a test target as to know what is to be checked and uses any of the three ways:

  • White Box testing- where the internal perspective of the system is tested based on internal structure.
  • Black Box testing- where the external perspective of the system is tested in a functional or non functional testing regimes.
  • Gray Box testing- which applies a combination of both the methods above.

Penetration Testing is a proactive process which basically helps in intrusion detection. But the objective is not just limited of intrusion detection. It not only evaluates the security arrangements but also assesses the vulnerabilities and checks the consequences too. Be smart enough to manage vulnerabilities and understand that the cost of security breaches, cost of non-compliance to regulatory requirements and effort of trying to identifying the vulnerabilities yourself is way more than the reasonable price of our Penetration Testing services.