Information Technology Audit

IT audit

Audit of Information systems is an independent examination and evaluation of an organization's information technology infrastructure, policies and operations. It is an appraisal of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives.

An effective IT Audit prevents financial fiascos. We have in past witnessed in cases of Enron and WorldCom scams due to lack of effective audit. It cannot be ignored that economies have become globalized and interdependent. Moreover, with so many Geopolitical risks, combinations of IT and commerce in business practices and the wide interconnectivity of systems all around the globe the risks of loopholes lying undetected or unreported are significantly high. Therefore need to control and audit IT has increased exponentially like never before.

An IT Audit helps in assessment of internal controls. This helps in assuring and reporting the validity, adequacy, reliability and security of IT. Further the effectiveness and efficiency of the Information systems is also assessed.

We perform IT Audit in a step based manner starting with surveying and scoping then planning and preparation, then gathering audit evidences by in depth analysis and testing, then analysis of evidences gathered and finally reporting the conclusions and recommendations to management.