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Identity and Access Management prevents unauthorized access to valuable company resources. It is a crucial security discipline employed to ensure that the right individual accesses the right resources at the appropriate time for valid reasons. It is popularly known as the framework of practices that aid in the management of electronic identities.
The main purpose behind IAM is to safeguard access to crucial business information by granting permission to authorized personnel in accordance with company policy.

Our IAM services include state of art technology needed to save and manage user identities and the associated access grants. We offer you a centralized directory service that is flexible enough to be scaled up as your organization expands its operations. Our IAM system eases up the entire process of account set –up and user authentication. It significantly reduces the time needed with a routine workflow and also mitigates chances of errors. You can access the system and modify access rights as per your convenience.

The advanced system can instantly detect any unauthorized access or privilege breach and notify the authorities of the same to prevent mis-utilization of company’s valuable information. Our simple and easy to deploy IAM system will enhance your security robustness and help you attain peace of mind.