Governance, Risk and Compliance

GRC is a discipline that aims to orchestrate three areas namely Governance, Risk and Compliance. Governance is policies, procedures and processes laid down by the management that establishes the organisational structure and shows direction of how to achieve the organisational objectives with effective and efficient utilization of resources. Risk management deals with detecting the risks and tackling it to enable smooth and sustained functioning. Compliance deals with the adherence to applicable mandatory laws and regulations laid down by regulatory authorities. Governance, Risk and Compliance are the three pillars to successful achievement of organisations goals. However, these can be extremely complex, expensive and time consuming for the companies to imbibe.

We at Cyber Radar Systems have come up with specialised solutions to the challenges by offering our GRC Services. Our solutions help you integrate your people, process and technology to achieve GRC. We assist you in tackling the major issues faced by you in implementation of Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and meeting the compliances. We remediate the issues with cost effectiveness and make GRC least complex and cumbersome for your enterprise. Our GRC services is a set of solutions which will help you reliably achieve your business objectives through effective Governance, Risk management and compliance, address the uncertainty and act with utmost integrity.