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The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) mandates for the financial institutions to build up, execute and upkeep a specialised comprehensive written information security program that focuses on protecting the integrity and privacy of information about customer.

GLBA compliance puts emphasis on the need for each bank, thrift, and credit union agency to develop a proactive program that deals with information security integrated with technology risk management.

GLBA Audit is a mandatory compliance for a financial institution whether or not it discloses non-public sensitive information. The GLBA Audit helps to check whether the measures such as Pretexting Protection are working effectively to protect against malicious acts such as phishing etc.

The crux of GLBA Audit lies in attesting the following:

  • whether the access to customer records and data is highly secured or not
  • whether the sharing of it is secured or not
  • whether there are security vulnerabilities or not
  • whether there is a sound policy of changing in an Active directory

Cyber Radar Systems uses pre defined configuration policies and automated processes to test and determine whether the GLBA compliance has been met or not. Our solutions can help you collect and analyse log data and upgrade your security practices.

Our services of GLBA Audit help you in:

  • Establishing best practice controls.
  • Continuous Risk Management.
  • Reducing the complexities and cost of GLBA compliance.
  • Validating security compliance.
  • Fostering accountability and trust.
  • Protecting customer data.