Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the process which is done as a background check on the basis of which several business transactions take place. It involves a thorough assessment and analysis of risk based on the material legal, confidential, financial and non-financial information gathered.

One of the major component of the Due Diligence Process is the technical due diligence which includes Due diligence of Information Technology and its related controls. Where IT Audit is all about testing and reporting the efficiency, sufficiency and continuity of controls with prime focus on regulatory compliances, the IT Due Diligence has a broader scope and warrants application of rationale and brainstorming to find out the pros and cons and every material and relevant facts related to IT that will enable appraisal.

IT Due Diligence requires careful exercise of skills and expertise to report to the management the appraisal of good as well as alarming of the entire IT Unit and its controls so that the management can take an informed decision IT Due Diligence is certainly not a layman’s job or a mediocre professional’s task. It demands professional excellence, ability to analyse deeply and vast experience. We at Cyber Radar Systems form a team of individuals that have core competency skills in IT Due Diligence.