Data Loss Prevention ( Novo Shield)

data loss prevention
Data loss prevention ( Novo Shield)  is a system that is designed to detect potential data breach and ex-filtration transmissions. Our team uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to detect and prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information and data through the network. Certain DLP tools not only monitor and control endpoint activities but also filter data streams on the network and protect data being transmitted. CYBER RADAR SYSTEMS understands DLP programs must mix with business practices before the remedy is deployed. Our team maps life cycle strategy and convert it into customized master plan to generate and ensure the effectiveness of each system’s DLP program.
CYBER RADAR SYSTEMS extends data loss prevention ( Novo Shield)  across all of your high-risk data loss routes, so you can detect, monitor, and prevent disclosure/loss of your information more completely and effectively. It means you can:
  • Discover where data is stored across your cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments
  • Monitor how data is being used, whether your employees are on or off the network
  • Protect data from being leaked or stolen—no matter where it’s stored or how it’s used

Our DLP services will meet your security and budget requirements by:

  • Identifying DLP business requirements
  • Creation of DLP framework
  • Short listing DLP remedies that meet functional and technical requirements
  • Determining DLP technology
  • DLP integration, configuration, and tuning
  • Generating useful DLP reports.