Data Loss Prevention Solution (Novo Shield) – End Point Protection

Prevention of Data Leakage 

Most data leakage happens when ultra-sensitive data is exposed to unauthorized third parties with an intention to exploit the data. Data type may vary from industry to industry but what remains constant is its sensitivity. It is extremely crucial to ensure that such sensitive data, whether it belongs to an individual or a company, is not lost or stolen.





Prevent Security Breaches & Security Fraud 

With the implementation Data Loss Prevention (Novo Shield) tool, the company does not only able to protect itself from the security breaches but also helps itself in bringing down the frauds that either happens because of the incorrect handling or miss-management of data or just through the leakage of sensitive and confidential information such as the financial one of itself or its clients.





Prevent Stealing Of Confidential Data
  • Preventing specified end users from sending or copying sensitive or confidential data outside the network.
  • Monitor and block confidential and sensitive data being copied or stolen by any inside or external hackers.
  • Providing system administrators with a software tool to control what data end users can copy and transfer.





Identify System Assets 
  • Find out the critical and sensitive information.
  • Analyze the risk of the critical and sensitive data.
  • Evaluate data leakage avenues.




Safeguard Or Secure The Data 
  • Decide how this data should be identified & protected.
  • Endpoint data in use Leaked via laptops, PC / Desktops, USB, CD, DVD, External Hard Drive, Instant Message – chat.



insight-reportAgent Based Solution 

The DLP makes use of end point agent based solution that is present at every end user workstation. It further keeps a check on data in use by the end users and prevent them from copying sensitive or any confidential data being transferred outside the corporate network. The main purpose of this agent is to check , monitor and block copying or stealing the confidential data passing through the workstation to the floppies, CDs or USBs, external hard disks and  instant chat messages etc.

  • Present at every end user workstation.
  • Checks data in use and prevents copying specified data from being transferred outside the network.
  • The main purpose of this agent is to check, monitor, and block copying or stealing the confidential data.


Content Analysis and Pattern Matching Techniques 

Our team uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to detect and prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information and data through the end points. The software make use of different methods of protective mechanism such as matching of the data, statistical analysis, content analysis, database finger printing, keywords, published lexicons etc in order to detect the data and keep it from transferring out of the system.





Reporting Process 

Upon any unsuccessful attempt, the DLP system immediately notifies the manager of the failed attempt to steal or copy the confidential data. It provides the detailed report indicating the source and file name or the name of the system through which the attempt was made so that either the security hacker could be identified and caught.